Lost cat [Found]


Our 2-year old golden/black/brown tabby cat with white paws hasn’t come back from his morning garden excursion yesterday (14 Feb) in SE23 2EF so if anyone sees him wandering around, could you message 07872580332, please? He’s chipped, has a purple collar and attached is a picture of him. Many thanks!!! Philip & Eva.


Which road are you on (to save people googling your postcode!)?


I have shared this on our popular social media channels. Fingers crossed for you @PhilipW - what a beautiful cat.


Thank you, Chris!


We’re on Cibber Road, just south of the South Circular, and east of Forest Hill station.


Could this be your cat? Saw him on Monday staring me down. Couldn’t see his boots but noted a purple bell or similar.

Haven’t seen him since (haven’t really been around) but if it is yours and I do see him again I’ll let you know posthaste.


PS I’m on Sunderland Road so not far away.


Unfortunately not, our cat hasn’t got anything on his collar (which is purple felt). Thanks for mentioning it though and keeping an eye out!


Ah okay. I’ll keep an eye out.


Found him!! We’ve had quite a few people message us saying they’d seen a cat looking like Frankie, so we’ve been walking the streets tonight and found him! Thank you all so much for helping, really appreciate it! Philip & Eva