Lost cat from Duncombe Hill


My 1 year old cat Belly has been missing from duncombe hill since Wednesday.ive heard a cat was found dead yesterday morning but noone know where it was taken/by who or if it was her.
She’s a small black female cat with white on her chest


I’m on Codrington Hill and will keep an eye open. Hope she comes back soon


Sorry to hear about Belly. I’ve shared on our social channels:


Not sure if it is the same cat, but I met a small black cat with a speck of white on his/her chest yesterday on Garthorne Road, a few houses from the end near Grierson Road.
He/she was very vocal and very friendly - demanded fuss time and was none too happy when I tried to leave. He/she had a small nick in one ear.

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I also saw a little black cat at that spot this evening.