Lost Cat from Duncombe Hill

Evening Guys.

Unfortunately we have lost one of our little cats at some point over the last few days. We last saw her Wednesday evening. Though she has been known to mooch up and down Duncombe Hill (the road) itself, she almost always hangs out between Duncombe & Lowther Hills, in Brockley Hill Park.

She’s a tabby, named Fermina (she also answers to Pepe) with a distinctive pink nose and white blob at the end of her tail.

We are missing her a lot and would appreciate an update if anyone has seen her recently.

Thanks in advance,
David & Natalia (24b Duncombe Hill)
Tel. 07811 391354

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Hi @David_24b

Is she little or decent sized? I ask as we had a cat in our garden a few days ago (we’ve not had one for a few years) who was very confident and didn’t run from our big norwegian forest cat and miowed nicely at him, which was unusual and my cat didn’t know what to do.

Not seen since, but I’ll have a look out at the bottom in the park for you tomorrow morning. Do you have any full body photos of her?

Good luck, hopefully she has just gone for a wander.


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Sorry to hear about this and I hope she comes back soon.

I’ve shared on our social channels

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Hi guys. Sorry to report but she didn’t survive her adventure. Thanks anyway for your help. X

Sorry to hear that David :slightly_frowning_face:

So sorry to hear of your loss.

Oh no. I am sorry.