Lost dog Blythe Hill park - UPDATE NOW FOUND

Hi, we lost our dog last night at by Blythe hill park. He was chasing a fox and didn’t come back. PleSe help bring him home. He is a friendly dog. My contact number is 07519135140

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Hi. Sorry about your dog. Is he microchipped? Have you tried the houses adjacent to the park, maybe he got stuck in their gardens? Is just a thought. Mine goes also crazy when he sees a fox and does the same. Hope he turns back soon and unharmed.

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Thank you! Yes we have been looking all around the area and in the gardens

Yes he’s microchipped

Looks like your dog?


Good spot - appear to have the same ear marking so hopefully the same one.

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Thank you so much everyone. Yes that’s him


Hi @Jodie_Evans have you been reunited?

Edit I believe Dog and Jodie have been reunited :+1: