Lost dog Kirkdale/Dartmouth Road area [Found]

Our newly-acquired lurcher bitch ran off this morning - last seen in Baxter Fields about an hour ago. She is called Alice, medium-sized, hairy, very timid. She has a tag with our name and telephone number.

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Sorry to hear that @robin.orton - do you have a photo? (this helps grab people’s attention when we share on social media)

Dear Chris

Thanks. Here is the best we can do by way of a picture. Would welcome your help or advice on what to do with it.

Best wishes


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Thanks Robin. I have added this to your original post and will share on all our social channels.

I think I saw this dog about a half hour ago, in Forest Hill, running up London Road, across from Sainsbury’s, up towards Horniman, but on the other side. Sometimes she ran into the road. Hope she is okay.

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Thanks, Anna. My wife is currently driving around that area and has been told of a sighting in Underhill Road.


Latest sighting on London Road, behind the Butchery opposite Sainsbury’s. My wife is looking around there at the moment. Thanks for everyone’s help.

In response to the tweet from our SE23 Dogs account:

In future I suggest found dogs may be taken to Animal Welfare in Lewisham Council’s Wearside Road Depot.

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In fact, this may be a different dog as Alice has turned up safe and sound. In the end she found her way back to Baxter Fields and was retrieved by a neighbour. Thank you everyone for your help and concern. We shall keep her under even stricter surveillance in future!