Lost: Ginger cat [Found]

we have lost a cat his name is Simba he has a white ruff under his chin we have only had him for 17 days and he managed to get out we believe he is in the gardens between Kilmorie and Elsinore Road at the Vancouver road end as we have seen him in a front garden in Kilmorie but he shot under a garden gate before we could get him. please check your gardens it would be much appreciated He is very skittish and needs a lot of patience if you find him contact 07778 808 816. Also thanks to all the people who have already been in touch so nice to have great neighbours.

Hi Topdibs,
Have you been in touch with Kilmorie School? He may go in their playground for a bit of fuss from the children :blush:

he has been seen outside 42 kilmorie this morning in the middle so will keep an eye open and c if we can get him. we think he is having a great time being out an about little monkey thank you for your message


Ha ha! Yes! He will return when he finds no-one is going to feed him & you are welcome :blush:

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Really hope you find him - we are still checking around Elsinore and will continue to do so. Fingers crossed.


Simba has been found and we wish to thank all the fantastic neighbours for looking out for and helping us find him. He is in good health. Many Many thanks to all


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