Lost kitten? Black and white with pink collar

Potentially lost kitten found in Carholme Road area - anyone recognise?

Not certain, but there is a ‘lost cat’ poster up on lamp post in Woolstone Road, towards Perry Vale end, with what looks like a similar cat. Haven’t had a chance to check as yet.

Thanks a lot Neil, I just popped up the road to look and unfortunately there are two different missing cat posters and the markings on the black and white cat poster are quite different (and looks like an older cat).

If anyone else has any thoughts please do share and hopefully we can find the owners for this one.

A few days ago a woman in Dacres Road asked me if I’d seen a four month old kitten with a “pink bow” - but I was fairly sure she described her as black. She’d only had her a day when she went missing and said she’s not been microchipped, etc. She lives at 62 Dacres Road. I think it’s highly unlikely from the description, but mentioning just in case.

Thanks Pauline - just visited 62 and it’s a business address not residential! Are you sure it was 62?