Lost Wallet near Sainsbury's in Honor Oak Park



Hello everyone,
I know there is a very slim chance, but it’s worth trying…
I must have dropped my wallet last night, between 1040 and 11, near Sainsbury’s in Honor Oak Park…driving license was in there…
If someone found it, please get in touch!


Hi Sylvia, I assume you have been back to Sainsbury’s, tge Estate agents on the corner or even the funeral directors? :blush:after re-Reading your message, I know it was last night, but Sainsbury’s is open late isn’t it?


Hi Gill, yes I went to Sainsbury’s this morning and they said they have found nothing. My Driving licence with my address was in there, so if someone nice would have found it, they could have just dropped it in my mailbox.
I live very close to Sainsbusy so it was very quick for me to go back on my steps and check around…but nothing :frowning: I guess someone took the money from it and dropped it in a bin… :confused:
Thanks for the message