Lost young male white cat from Mayow Road

A friend who lives on Mayow road has lost her young cat/ kitten. He is white and has no hearing, so obviously she’s very worried he could wander into traffic unaware.
Missing since yesterday evening.
He is microchipped but no collar, as he usually doesn’t leave the house.
Please let me know if you see or hear if anything.
Thank you x

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I’ve shared on our social channels:

Thank you so much Chris

I saw a white kitten about a month ago outside so I’m wondering if it’s the same. I will definitely keep an eye out for you as I live on this road

Thank you, much appreciated. It could well be the same kitten, they live close to Philip Neri school, about halfway up Mayow

I saw this kitten a few weeks ago - playing with some passers-by on a wall just up from the Catholic primary school. My boyfriend lives on Mayow Road virtually opposite the school so I’ll keep a look out and ask him to do so too. Poor little thing, I hope he is OK and found safe soon.

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Thank you Clare, really appreciate that. Still no news on this, so anything you hear would be very helpful. Nadia