Loud car up and down Kilmorie / Woolstone

Can anyone hear a car going up and down Kilmorie and the exhaust keeps backfiring. Argh. You occasionally get cars like this, maybe once a day or something. It’s every minute or two. Our place is pretty well insulated from noise and it’s cutting over the TV.

Will someone think of the children!!

You aren’t hearing just one car. There’s a procession of them doing a circuit of the Perry Hill and Woolstone road areas. Nothing quite as tragic as a grown adult driving a car with a dump valve and pop and bang turbo fit remap.


I think I know the one, it’s a white Honda (I think…) with a large spoiler and oversized exhaust. Likes to do laps of Woolstone, Hurstbourne, kilmorie etc.

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Interesting intel. Haven’t heard them since thank god.