Loud music and talking

Another weekend selfish neighbours still now from yesterday singing talking loud is 5 am the poxy selfish sods fed up of selfish people!! It’s hard to sleep in the weather already enough is enough of this!! When will selfishness stop like this no one should suffer!!
Still going playing guitar singing now!!

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Apparently not sure myself its Ballina Street? I heard someone shout out but they didn’t hear not surprised!! Fed up of people like that thinking they the only people entitled to be so dam loud!! Not fair to have this!!

Just tried to report it on Lewisham Council what a joke that is can’t even completed it no box to tick had to start a gain same think. This is why I and other get sorry pissed off had to say it nothing is straight forward and always complicated and purposely off putting. 12 hours of this crap how is no one else saying anything and allowing it to carry on!! I spoke with a another neighbour of mine near Lessing street tried to find which house but not sure. Anybody who knows more please tell them to zip it this is to much!!! Now 6:30 still going well done to the selfish people for being so thoughtful!!

Most other Boroughs have a noise patrol service. Lewisham has suffered budget cuts, but so have all other London Boroughs.

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6:30am they started to sound down 12 hrs plus can you believe it!! Absolutely disgusting and selfish. So many cut backs it’s ridiculous now and people like that get away with it as long has possible driving the good ones all mad!!
Bet if you get a fine or bill but some get a quick response and follow up to collect money anything else wait in line. I appreciate your feedback thanks. But seriously livid to hear others feel the same to what I heard the last few weeks or so. Not just near me other areas… Sorry for my anger and hope one made sense with update I was writing with anger and being half a sleep.

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Sleep deprivation is a serious problem, and it is inexcusable that Lewisham is ignoring its responsibilities regarding overall duty of care.


Totally agree with you and the impact these sods…Cause…oops sorry naughty word but they are!! Not looking forward to the evening on the weekend these new people moving in around area which is lovely until they do something to change your mood, same with any long term residence who also cause issues. And breath not sure whether to laugh or cry but…
Wherever you live some people just can’t be mindful it’s to much hard work!!
I feel bad but I do not have faith in the government or some local councils this spoils it for the hard working ones. Which is totally not fair at all and the system doesn’t work well to make it better!!