Loud Music in Forest Hil Sunday 12th Nov



Is anyone else bothered by the racket? It’s been going on for a few hours. I haven’t been out yet to investigate the source. It sounds like it could be coming from somewhere near the Co-Op / Stanstead Road / Waldram Park Road.


If it’s coming from behind the Co-Op try the first house on the corner when you go down the side Road after the Co-Op on Rockbourne Road.

When I lived on Rockbourne I was kept up a few nights, all night, with parties from that house & they were still going on when I went to work very tired the next day, and spilling onto the Street too at all hours of the morning!


Very anti-social; do you know if anyone contacted Environmental Health?


Aren’t they only open during business hours Monday through Friday?


I recently had reason to contact the council about a different kind of nuisance. I was told - and I quote:

‘you contact Lewisham main switchboard 0208-314-6000 and speak with the out of hours call Centre who should be able to get hold of an Environmental Health Officer.’

I was given the information too late for it to matter any more, but there it is for any who need it.


That’s interesting, I was told they do not have any out-of-hours service at all. Perhaps a councillor could clarify for us?


From the Lewisham website page on noise.



I had to call them last year and was told they don’t work on the weekends and to call the police. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well it seems as if they do not have an out of hours noise service. The nuisance I reported was someone had set fire to a load of rubbish in the back garden and it had cast a pall of smog over the neighbourhood. Perhaps its different for noise.


Ah, in that case it’s sprinkler time :slight_smile:


Switching enforcement of noise nuisance from Police to Environmental Health is a failed experiment. You have to jump through too many hurdles before the EHO will do anything. Why should anyone have to establish a pattern of nuisance if their house is shaking from extreme volume? How many nights of sleeplessness is OK?


Isn’t that illegal?


Please clarify, isn’t what illegal?


Setting fire to rubbish.


Maybe one of our councillors or Environment Health Officers would like to chime in and expain what they will and will not deal with?


I expect it is illegal, it seems as if people just do whatever they like these days.


We’re quite new to Forest Hill, love it so far except for the fact that there seems to be someone playing loud music (can hear the bass) all night from over by the Co-Op area…

Is anyone else still bothered by this? We can hear the bass every single night…