Loud noise

Please could anyone tell me what that big loud noise was this mng as it sounded like something exploded
Thank u

Heard a very loud bang outside on Sunderland Road at about 9:20am this morning, thought something had exploded but didn’t see anyone mentioning it on Twitter so thought perhaps it was just the neighbours

I’ve seen several mentions elsewhere from people around Sunderland Rd and Waldram Park Rd but nobody seems to know what it was. I’m on Sunderland Rd and didn’t hear anything except the gardeners cutting the grass in the flats next door to us!

Could not be that bad as not heard nothing no police or fire service or nothing so wonder what it was and where as can’t see nothing damaged

I also heard it, as it made the windows shake slightly. I was at the back of the house, so thought it might have been a heavy vehicle going over the speed bumps too quickly and hitting the bump or something (that happens frequently) however, it did seem rather loud to be that. I didn’t see or smell any smoke etc. or hear anything further, so didn’t investigate further.

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It could be that some unburnt fuel got into the exhaust system and ignited in the exhaust instead of the combustion chamber of a car/vehicle with a three litre engine.

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Pretty sure it was a Sainsbury’s lorry hitting the curb when it turned the bend at the bottom of Sunderland road. That or it blew a tyre but unlikely.