Lovely cat


This lovely cat has been hanging around ours for a while now and we wondered if it belongs to any one or is lost.


Hi Kat, which road is this, please?


Rockbourne rd

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We’ve shared on our social channels:


I’m pretty sure this cat paid my garden a few visits a couple of weeks ago. I’m quite close to Rockbourne. Didn’t recognise it so figured it might be new to the area.

Seemed lovely and very friendly but one of my cats chased it away! (it still came back straight away but not seen it since).

Hope it’s got a home…


bit of a long shot but is this the same cat? Saw it on se23 cats


I live on Garthorne Road and the first picture looks a lot like my cat (although he has a couple of dark spots on his nose this cat doesn’t seem to have, although difficult to tell from the photo). We’ve had issues with him going begging for food in the past because he has to have a special kind of cat food he’s not particularly fond of! I’m really hoping it’s not him as hate the thought of him regularly crossing a busy road like Stanstead Road! I’ve put a silver collar on him, although he normally loses them within a day or two, so let me know if this tabby shows up with a silver collar in which case it’s him and I need to figure out a way of discouraging him from straying so far! Thanks.


The lovely cat is still outside this morning and has no collar so sadly still a mistery.
I will pop a few posters up at the weekend to see if that helps.
Thanks for posts.


I live the otherside of stanstead so it is worrying if it’s the same cat and he is indeed crossing the road.

please keep us updated!

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I forgot to say that our cat still had his collar on yesterday evening so it’s definitely not him. Glad he’s not crossing Stanstead Road, hope you find this other tabby’s owner.


Is the cat friendly enough to pick up and put in a basket to check if there’s a chip at the vet’s? Did that to a new stray near us who is now a resident and turns out he was registered two doors away.


any update on the lovely cat? :slight_smile:


We see it around but not every day…Will keep an eye out :cat:

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It’s not our Peggy (the cat pictured) she’s a bit of a house cat these days & when she goes out, it’s brief either just outside back door or pops over next doors fence, up on Westwood Park. There was a male tabby recently missing from one of the roads leading on to Devonshire Rd, nr by & a lady was looking for him, I think he was called Jacob?! I’ll try & see if I can locate her.


That would be great …Thanks

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I’ve sent a message to her & shared your pic to her Twitter but not heard anything back as yet. It’s a lady called Maisie, who lives on Benson Road (I think?!) The cat she was looking for is called Jacob. Is this cat still hanging around yours?

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Yes Lovely cat is still about and seems quite happy but comes for food and shelter out side in our porch or next doors porch but not everyday …It won’t come in as we have a grumpy (also lovely)cat that won’t share its home! Thanks for keeping a look out! Happy Weekend!


Did you ever manage to locate an owner for the lovely cat? Or is it still hanging around??


No not yet, cat is still around I’m wondering if it came from the old people’s home at the top of our road when someone passed away? We are still feeding it as are others on the road .

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And that is why you’re still seeing it :slight_smile: It does look like a very lovely cat, though.