Low level speeding on our roads

I received this bulletin from Lawtel this morning. I cut and paste it below. It refers to an article in the Times of last week regarding to a subject close to many of our hearts. I do not have a copy of last weeks paper but someone here may subscribe and be in a position to tell us more.

Title Local councils in London seek power to issue speeding fines
Source Times, 4 November 2019, 14
Author Graeme Paton
Date Nov 04, 2019
Abstract London Councils, which represents the capital’s 32 boroughs, is seeking new powers to enable it to issue fines for low-level speeding, particularly on 20 and 30mph roads, following claims that police are too under-resourced to deal with such low-level speeding offences.
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Would the organization confusingly called “London Councils” do the enforcement, or would it be for each Council?

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I find this hard to believe. All there seems to be from TFL, Met police and Lewisham Council is a pass the buck mentality. That’s not our road network was what I got from TFL this morning. Motorists and cyclist’s are out of control. The law it seems doesn’t apply to them anymore

I totally agree SS, its like the wild west out there. I wonder how they propose catching people.

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The 20 mph speed limits are often stupidly placed. There are many places where the main road is 20 and the side street is 30.
20mph is slower than the average speed during the day and a horrible waste of resources at night. With often little to no benefit.

The number of times I’ve almost been hit my cars and bikes running red lights, making illegal turns and driving the wrong way down one way streets is getting noticeably worse. All of which the council can fine for and don’t

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Yes, it’s a great shame the council opted for a blanket 20mph zone.

Strategically-placed 20mph limits used to be useful for safety - alerting drivers to schools etc.

Now the 20mph limit is blanket, it is almost universally ignored, with just a 0.5mph reduction in speed measured, overall.

As it is 20 mph across all of Lewisham and Southwark with the exception of a couple of major roads, as far as I am aware all side streets are 20mph. Maybe they just haven’t updated the signage or have I missed something?
The average speed of motorists is also below 20 mph during the day, well below that in central areas where it has dipped to below 8mph - but of course the average on different roads will vary considerably.

I wasn’t aware they introduced that stupid idea - definitely isn’t on the A205 (which IMHO should be 30mph). Pretty sure they haven’t signed all the roads correctly

The A205 is one of TFL’s red routes and therefore one of the roads not under Lewisham’s control.