Lower Sydenham Station/Kangley Bridge Road car crime warning


If anyone uses Lower Sydenham station and parks their car in Kangley Bridge Road (which has no parking restrictions) near Screwfix, please note that every day someone is stealing parts off cars parked along there. Yesterday there was a car with both rear lights stolen, a man whose front grill was hanging off and I think a headlight gone - couldn’t see because he was taking photos of the damage and another with rear bumper gone. This has been going on for months and months. I picked up a Zipcar VW Polo there a few weeks back and someone had taken the wing mirror covers off of that. I’ve seen dozens of cars along there with parts stolen so beware.



Not forgetting the piles of asbestos corrugated roofing being dumped on a regular basis by the usual suspects.


I’d always assumed all the cars with parts missing were due to a repair garage parking all their vehicles on the road.


The second hand dealership on the corner parks a lot of their cars down there as well. I should know, I bought one (and it’s gone pretty well).


It’s a strange one. I wonder if the thieves think they are targeting the garage’s cars, rather than people’s private cars parked outside their home?


I believe it is a quiet road where approaching people can be seen by thieves from way away during the day so they can help themselves to £1000s worth of headlights etc with absolutely no fear of being caught. Someone on another local forum said their wipers had been taken while down there.

If you are driving past there take a drive up the road and you’ll see what I mean. Nearly always 3 or 4 with external parts missing and no other damage (which makes it unlikely to be cars parked mid repair.)