Lunch offers


Given recent posts about lunch offers at the Perry Vale and Hattoush shall we collate lunch offers into one thread?

I’ll start with the Chandos, any pizza for £5 Mon to Fri 12-3.


Brilliant idea! Perryvale has a short ‘express’ menu of burgers, sandwiches and salads. Wednesday and Thursdays only, 12:30 until 3pm.


Unfortunately it seems Perry Vale dont have any details of their express lunch on their website. Hattoush also only have a very limited description of their offering, labelling it just as two courses for around £8.95. Come on restaurants, you can do better!


Good idea for a thread!

The Signal offer a lunchtime special menu - 2 courses for £10 (not on their website). It can be a bit hit and miss, but not bad value. It’s also not really two proper courses, as the starter is more like a side order, served at the same time. I think the choices vary week by week.

Tse’s (the Chinese restaurant by The Teapot) also offers a lunchtime deal. Can’t remember the details, but it’s soup or spring roll plus a main course for less than £10.


I’m in the Perryvale for lunch and am the only one here. :frowning:️ Heads up if you want a civilised but speedy lunch - there are tables! Sandwiches, salads and their regular burgers on the menu. Plus the dessert menu sounds ridiculously tempting.


What are the prices like? Evening prices or do they have a cheaper offer?
Any chance of a photo of menu?


Very reasonable lunch prices. Here’s the menu (in two parts) and an indication of how huge and tasty the sandwiches are.


Super, may take the little’un one lunch as the kids stuff is very
reasonable too


Those salads sound decent, will pop in tomorrow and give it a go.


Hurrah, my work here is done! I think it’s only Wednesdays and Thursdays for this lunch menu, so get in there.

I had to order dessert as I’d ask to see the menu again - it would have been rude not to. Devastated to find the brownie unavailable but had the lemon posset instead. Came in a tiny unprepossessing paper cup, but oh my word it was delicious, and smooth as silk.