M25 man passes thru Forest Hill- finished final pic


M25 man and art student Martin Pirongs passed thru Forest Hill this morning on his 200 mile walk to create a GPS outline of his body.
I contacted him yesterday to offer company through our neighbourhood but he politely declined, saying he needed to focus on his route finding. Live GPS tracking here https://www.martinpirongs.com/m25-man-live-feed


crossed over Tower Bridge, and on to the unknown areas north of the river.

late start from Epping Forest Tuesday morning, I was beginning to worry. 146 miles in.

156 miles. Understandably moving swiftly through Ilford and Romford. But can he draw hands? we will soon know.

Wednesday morning, mile 162 and all eyes on Fairlop station (Central line apparently) - will the artist emerge blinking into the sunshine soon? Could be walking on the top of his own head later today?


I want to know what happened here, and what arbitrary route-finding rules he has set himself!


perhaps he has a terrible knee condition, or perhaps it is just art…
more likely he may have screwed up royally on navigation that day but 120 or so miles in, which of us would have started again?


If only he had let locals walk with him, he could have avoided such en error :thinking:


An update from the artist, currently standing on the shoulder of a giant: -
As for what happened around my dodgy left knee - well spotted - there was a giant f••• off fence between two estates which had apparently been put up to stop trouble from incomers. Lucky to find a small gate at the hospital which had only recently been opened up ( as a local told me) - I was beginning to lose the will by then…….


Finished yesterday - he should be happy with this.