Made 3 seater sofa for sale

Hi - we’re renovating our house and selling our Vittorio 3 seater sofa from

We’ve had it 4 years so it’s by no means in perfect condition but structurally and filling wise the sofa is great - just needs a deep clean (we’re spillers…)

£799 new - open to offers from anyone who can collect in person.


Hello Cosmo!
Is this still available by any chance?
We’ve got a whole flat to fill with furniture so budget is a bit tight-- would you take £150 for it? We can collect.

Many thanks,

Hello Doro
I am getting rid of an under-counter fridge. It’s in working order and has a freezer box inside. You are welcome to it if you want, perhaps as a temporary item?

Hello teadrinker,

We are all set for fridge, but thank you so much for the offer!

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