Major roadworks on A205 from 16 Feb for 8 weeks

The Thames Water works which were mentioned in this post have now started and thought it might be worth a heads up to anyone driving. The traffic appeared to be moving very slowly on Sunday afternoon so suspect it will only get worse at rush hour. I’d advise extra time for bus and car journeys tomorrow.

There’s a 3-way temporary traffic flow set up with a contra-flow on London Road. It didn’t feel like the timings were quite right; the phase from Horniman to the Grove seemed very short with only 3-4 cars getting through. Traffic was backed up Honor Oak Road as little space to get across the junction on green. And getting out of Wood Vale is dependent on a driver coming up the hill taking pity on you. 363/N63 is back on diversion up to Kirkdale but is still going along Wood Vale and onto the A205.

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Yes it’s very slow through from the Barcelona to forest hill station only going to get worse during the rush hours ,if you’re going to get the 185 towards dulwich tomorrow give yourself a extra 30 minutes after 1/2 term think it’s going to be a disaster

Other countries have traffic police on the scene, where there is a difficult traffic situation e.g accidents, road works, collapsed surface etc.- assessing the situation and directing traffic. But in the fifth “richest” country?

Why have other countries sent their police to monitor this?..


What a complete utter balls up this is lights out of sequence,bus stop half way causing choas come on TFL get this sorted

The positioning of the lights and phasing on the contra flow is not correct. Cars coming eastbound have a green but get backed up at the Horniman junction and block the lane. As a result when the westbound light turns green, there’s nowhere for them to go. This morning, I watched one van stuck for 18 minutes.

It’s only seems to be moving when a bus driver at the front of the eastbound lane stops traffic long enough to release some pressure.

Agree it needs sorting now before the school run start,people comming out of wood vale are at the mercy of a good Will driver otherwise they just block the road to get out can see this turning ugly if not sorted

It took a while to go across coming from Dulwich yesterday, however I went up there at 4.45 towards Dulwich and the road was fine.

I wish they would, we might then have some competence on the scene.

I went through Lordship Lane this morning on the 185 & it is chaotic. There will be a lot of frayed tempers next week :grimacing:

There’s was an accident on Sydenham Rise this morning as well which only made it worse. Driving around that side of Forest Hill is hell on earth at the moment.

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The temporary traffic lights and lane closures which were supposed to end today have now been extended until March 17th.

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I am a 12D traffic management Operative and was initially asked to man these set of temporary traffic lights during the night. I then assumed that it would be manually manned during the day as well as night.
I was told I was no longer needed before the job started. I assumed Thames Water has their own guys manning and controlling the temporary traffic lights which SHOULD be done at traffic sensitive sites.

Very worrying.


A couple of weeks ago, the lights failed just after 2pm on a Friday. I was on a bus at the time and the only way the workers found it they failed was a passing 197 driver who shouted out to them that they went again. One then went to the console to operate them manually.

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Seems like they’re trying to save money! There should be a dedicated Operative manning those lights day and night. It’s too dangerous to leave it on vehicle activation.


A couple of months back, there was similar Thames Water work in East Dulwich outside the rail station, yet they had an operator who also assisted pedestrians in crossing.

There is a temporary pedestrian crossing there. It’s next to the normal crossing at the Horniman side. Admittedly, I’ve never seen anyone use it.

I’ve walked up and down to Forest Hill quite a bit in the last few weeks and the traffic flow is odd. Sometimes it seems to be flowing relatively freely - and then 10 minutes later, it’s entirely snarled up.

They were resurfacing on the Sydenham Hill junction, along with line painting on Friday afternoon, so looks like the contraflow will be removed this weekend. There’s still a big trench on the dual carriageway, so the rest of the work will be that with one lane only from Sydenham Hill to Lordship Lane towards The Grove.

Sounds like they are on schedule then. Phase 1 was 4 weeks which ends this weekend.

I wonder if they will reopen the Wood Vale bus stop towards Forest Hill if that side of the carriageway is back to normal.

The right turn into Sydenham Hill has reopened late this evening. I can’t confirm if TfL have reopened the bus stops though at the Wood Vale end of Lordship Lane.