Man asking for money door to door- Sunderland Road 1st April approx 20.20.

Just for awareness, we just had a bearded Middle Aged gentleman wearing a peak cap knock on our door on Sunderland Road asking for money. He claims he was selling the Big Issue until recently but because of the situation at the moment he’s had to resort to asking for money door to door. He wasn’t aggressive or anything but he was slurring his speech. I feel awful for immediately being suspicious but there are a lot of scams and dodgy people taking advantage of people’s good nature and vulnerability at the moment. It just felt a bit odd that he’s out at this time of the evening.


Begging door to door is totally unacceptable. I hope no one encourages this behaviour by handing over cash, and also I hope the police step in here.

It’s not just the intrusion that’s problematic, but also the threat of spreading the virus to vulnerable people.

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I would ignore it and say thanks but not thanks and not feel bad for doing so x