Man caught on CCTV using credit card stolen from elderly SE23 lady

Click for the video:

I find this intriguing, in that I can’t imagine how someone could get hold of CCTV footage of someone using a debit card, the same day the card was stolen and used, and identify with confidence the person who used it. I’d have thought it would take quite a bit of digital forensic investigation to match up bank records with exact time-codes of card use and CCTV clocks etc.


As far as i am aware, as soon as the bank was called to cancel the cards the victim was told the contactless card had already been used at a specific time and location that morning. Go to location, ask to see cctv, check times and u have your culprit! It isnt complicated. If you watch the video carefully u can see the suspect has his finger over the name on the card the whole time. Also, his bill was over the £30 limit, rather than use the card with the pin, he paid the £30 limit and the rest in cash.


I had no idea that could be done.

Fair enough - I stand corrected! It’s good that a bank can give you that detailed an analysis of card use on the phone on the same day.


A store that shares CCTV images with anyone but the Police…


Hi Natalie, out of interest, why have you taken this post down?