Managing “Days out” topic as a wiki topic

Great idea @oakr. :+1:

Minor technical note - With wiki topics, if they are closed (and thus remain as a single post), then the topic is “bumped” whenever anyone edits the wiki itself. I think this might be what we want, here? If you don’t mind, @Edd, I’ll remove your comment (and mine), and close this topic to further replies. Members will be able to edit and improve @oakr’s original post.

Oh - I was hoping people would add comments and the top article would stay as a WIKI - Are you saying we should have 1 discussion thread and a second page as a WIKI which lists everything? I was going to ask the mods to merge the other topic into this one!

The top post can be a wiki, and people can add updates/suggestions via reply, but the downside of this is that a) someone will have to edit the wiki to keep it inline with replies, b) the topic will only be bumped when someone replies, and not when the wiki is updated and c) members will enter the topic at the last read reply, as opposed to the wiki post.

Having two topics would work if one was a wiki (editable but closed) and the other was a discussion that people can reply to. This would be a good solution to preserve the existing discussion posts, but in future, IMO, we should encourage people to edit and improve the wiki as opposed to making replies that someone else then has to compile into the wiki.

Happy for my posts in this chat to be moved / deleted to avoid derailing your original topic.

I’m happy to manage editing the top WIKI bit, it’s what I did with the Parks one. The bump would be ideal - so maybe we do it this way and have the closed thread (this one) move existing topics to the other one (I’ll edit the title of that and original message) and link to each from the other?

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Completely up to you, and you are TL4 so hopefully able to move posts, close topics, create wikis etc. Let me know if I can help in any way.