Manbag/Satchel Repairs in the FH area?



Hi all… I have a rather lovely (and somewhat delicate) leather man bag that unfortunately is in need of some minor repairs (one of the front clasps needs to be replaced… I suspect both will need to be done to match)… do you good people have any suggestions/recommendations for any local repair places? I know there’s the shoe/bag place in east Dulwich but was wondering if there’s somewhere else closer.


Timpson at Sainsburys Bell Green may be able to fix it.


I think you’re thinking of Merrifield’s. Given the quality of the bag I’d be inclined to use an expert in leather.


I know someone that makes really good quality leather satchels, next time he’s in I’ll get his number for you :slight_smile:


It depends if it’s a bag of value or not, that doesn’t always mean cost either. For leather I always reccomend not doing quick and easy as the results show and cannot be amended, take time for a good place even if you have to travel. Alternative contact the brand you got it from who may be able to supply the matching hardwear and even offer to fix the problem. I hope this helps


I’ve had a handmade leather bag from the guy I’m recommending, he’s brilliant with soft leather products! Will try get his info asap


I went to the shoe repair shop on London Road next to the dentist to get a pair of church shoes re-soled he did a beautiful job I think I’d go to him as he is from my experience capable of doing quality repairs if required.


Pauline did you find the name/number? I’d be v interested too! Thanks


As soon as I see him I’ll get his number :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Satchel Update 1: Went to the shoe repair place next to the opticians. He wasn’t able to repair as he didn’t have any suitable clasps.

Further updates to follow…


Does anyone know of a good cobbler in FH?

Can’t see on the service recommendations list.

Is the shoe place on London rd now closed?


The only cobbler I know and recommend is in Catford the precinct the big cat end.


The guy on Station Approach at Sydenham seems ok - he’s done a couple of repairs for me.


The dry cleaners on Perry Vale opposite GPs does general repair and I’ve used them many times over the last few years. Sure they could do this sort of thing.


The place in Grove Vale in East Dulwich is good, also I’ve used a place over on Gipsy Road along from the Paxton pub to fit new soles to a pair of motorcycle boots.