Manbag/Satchel Repairs in the FH area?



We had a lad start with us in September who wore a manbag and it got caught in the mixer and he could’ve done himself some serious damage if we hadn’t acted faster than we did. He was still very shaken-up when the boss sacked him ten minutes after. Now we’ve got a rule that all foremen and chargehands must adhere to: I don’t care how desperate they are or if they go down on their knees. If they’re wearing a manbag tell 'em there’s nothing going work wise.


Thanks for the answer :wink:


If it’s leather Merrifields in East Dulwich will do a great job. They’ve done multiple repairs to a much loved satchel.


Timpsons at Bell Green can’t even be trusted to cut a key accurately, let alone potentially expensive leatherwork.


They did a very good job on my wife’s handbag. Mind you she told me it only cost her £10!!


I had two keys cut by those clowns and neither one could lock or unlock the door.


Thank you very much! I will go there tomorrow and ask them.


Fair enough but the op was looking for leather work.


Go to the shoe repair guy on London road more or less next to Sainsburys.
Mr Liu I think he’s called I think.
I’ve had him repair several pairs of expensive leather shoes and he also does bag repairs.
He really is very good at leatherwork and is reasonable too.
Highly recommended I’d never go somewhere like Timpsons to get a bag sewn
they glue stuff.
definitely go and see him.


Try m m drycleaners in Wastdale road they do all types of repairs and alterations from leather to making curtains relineing jackets and much more been in business for over 30 years.