Maplins refit



Just popped into Maplins which I knew was having a refit - but what a transformation! They are still stocking the shelves and expect to be properly functional Monday, but already shows you a ‘proper’ Maplins shop. Somehow it is now 4 times the size than before - so presumably changed store to retail space. Very useful.


Sounds good, not been in there for ages.


It was a tad small when I last visited, but overpriced.


Always over priced but handy when doing some AV or tech work on a Sunday!


Also good for batteries! (Usually stock up before Christmas…)


I was desperate for a telephone extension cable, so ended up paying £12 for one. Recently replaced it at Wilko’s in Penge for £4.


Crazy how the specialist places are slowly being under cut on price by other outlets.
Talk about pricing yourself out of business.

I agree with Nick though that it’s convenient.


I heart Maplins. It’s a 2 minute walk from my house. Brilliantly handy for things like batteries, extension cables and other gadgets and stuff especially after moving house.


Amazon Marketplace sellers undercut Maplin and Wilko. However, you have to wait for delivery, where as Maplin is nearby.


Needed a hard disc recently and went in during the refit and it was almost the size of a post office counter(!) … However the price was good / cheap as amazon and I needed it there & then so I can’t complain. Will have a look at the weekend!



I am soooooooooooo upset about this. I LOVE Maplin… it’s geek heaven and the Forest Hill branch is 2 mins walk from me… I go there all the time. I feel awful for the staff not knowing what is going to happen next. Hopefully someone will come along and buy/rescue them.


OMG. I was going to say shhhhh… don’t tell @Bolgerp. He’ll freak out.


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While Maplin was a godsend on a Sunday afternoon when you needed BNC connector it must be said that I would avoid them whenever possible. Hugely expensive. I am quite surprised they lasted as long as they did.


Was just saying the same to colleagues at work. Their pricing has been sky high on the most basic of things for a long time now. Used to dread going in there as that “last resort”.

Very sad all the same, job loses are never a good thing. Let’s hope something is worked out.