Massive thanks to all our library volunteers

We are having a “New Year” thank you party for our amazing volunteers next Monday (20th Feb) @AllInnOne to say thank you for all the hard work they have put into helping us to run the library.

We could never do this without them!

Thank you Julia & Richard for giving us a space at yours to do this xxx

If anyone finds themselves @AllInnOne next Monday from 6.30pm please feel free to come & say hi to us :slight_smile:


Hi Pauline and all,
I started volunteering at the library recently and I am really enjoying it. Its really been nice to meet other SE23 residents, both volunteers and library users and also to be of help to the community as a whole, as a volunteer. I recommend it to others, wholeheartedly. If you have some spare time, it is a great way of meeting others, helping people and, also, learning more from and about, our wonderful and diverse community members. It is also, a great way of brushing up on or gaining, knowledge & skills, whilst sharing your own transferable skills and knowledge :+1:
Confidence building, friendship making, community based knowledge, great books, informative talks, book club … oh, I could go on but won’t!
If you think you too would like to be a part of OUR library then email to register your interest and/or check out the website

I had hoped to come to the Library Volunteers get together yesterday but could not, in the end :confused: so, apologies.
I will, however, be able to make it to the Forum get together this Friday so, see you again/meet you all soon! :smiley:



Thanks so much for your post Sue, don’t worry we will make sure all our volunteers are appreciated. So will have the odd shindig here and there for you all to thank you.

Without our volunteers we couldn’t do what we are doing so hats off to all of you, we really appreciate your support & time you give to the library & couldn’t do it without you guys

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