Maths Tutor needed for GCSE preparation (higher level)

Just wondering if anyone knows a good local maths tutor? We need someone who teaches up to A-level as the new GCSE introduced this year has a lot of AS material in it.

My son is working at the higher level in maths, but missed nearly a month of school in Jan/Feb due to illness and is struggling a bit with the new sample papers, despite being very capable.

I’ve posted on the East Dulwich Forum which is a great resource for these sort of things, but thought I’d ask if there’s anyone SE23 based I could use.

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Hi Rachael, a friend is a math tutor. I will ask her if she can teach that level and if she is available. She is FH based.

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That would be great, thanks.

Just left a message, will come back once I have heard.

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I’ll ask at work (I work at a well know local coed independent school) - some staff are local and also lurk on here…

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Brilliant - thanks.

We used an online service - . It’s a bit like Skyping a tutorial and the connectivity issues got a bit frustrating (though that may have been laptop issues rather than anything else). But it was certainly useful.


Hi Rachel,

I’m an A-level student studying double maths in my final year. In year 11 I got an A* in GCSE maths and also took the Advanced level FSMQ and got the highest grade. I did A-level maths in year 12 and got an A*, and I’m predicted an A* in my further maths A-level that I shall take this summer. Next year I’m taking a gap year and I’m applying to study maths at uni. Last year me and my friend set up a maths club at my school designed to stretch enthusiastic students with challenging problems and encourage mathematical discussion. It’s fair to say maths is my passion but I also know all the tricks and techniques required to get a top mark.

I live in SE24 and I’m happy to travel locally to teach.

If you’re interested and the job is still vacant, please get in touch!



Thanks for all contributions, but a gentle reminder that we’re looking for recommendations rather than solicitations here.

I’ve had a chat with the team, and we decided I was a bit hasty here.

“Self-recommendation”? :wink:

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Oops. Sorry, wasn’t aware of the format!

The ad was posted in wanted/offered for a tutor and didn’t ask for a recommendation explicitly, so what was wrong with the solicitation here?

Would it have been different if was, say, a forum regular suggesting their daughter?

I was a bit hasty here - I’ve had a chat to the team and what you posted is fine. Apologies for the false alarm.


Thanks for all the replies and referrals. I think I have found someone for now, but I’m glad to have Felix’s details in case I need them in the future. He comes highly recommended.