Matoom - Thai Bistro [Re-opening Soon]

Looks like Matoom is getting close to opening. I checked out their delivery menu and it looks really delicious so extra excited to see the restaurant. Looks like it’ll be a great addition to Forest Hill!!!


Good share, thanks @ametzelaar :+1:


Looks delicious!

Looks great and reading the menu after my morning ride is making me feel very hungry,

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Sounds and looks great! Looking forward to the grand opening.

Does anyone know when the opening is? Website said end of October

Wow. This actually looks legit (not just another Chinese/Thai take away joint).

Great menu. Don’t know what I want more:

  • pork dumplings serve w/ vinigar
  • minced pork chrispy wonton snacks
  • clear vegetable brout
  • thick pork brouth
  • Lamb ribs marinated with huney
  • bear batter chicken breast

or possibly a dictionary

However, with three dishes that are already famous, I don’t think we can go wrong.

I wish them every success (and a good spell-checker and grammar checker for their menu).


Ah that takes me back to Thailand - the menus got worse as you headed out of Bangkok till they were hilarious and you pretty much had to guess what you wanted.

Opening 14th Nov:

Just received email and the opening day is the 14th Nov

Looked very open and busy last night.

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Maybe a trial night for supporters? Cannot WAIT for this. We’ll be sticking our heads in next week!

We went last night and would highly recommend! Every dish tasted very fresh and authentic! Looks like a great addition to FH!


Tried a takeaway tonight. The Panang and red curries were spot on. So thrilled to have this in Forest Hill.

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Went this evening and it was very tasty. The spice levels could have done with being hotter but they said to ask for it spicier next time.
No alcohol on the menu but it’s BYO at the moment with a £5 charge per table.

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Paid a visit last night.

The good
Incredible use of space and like the design of the place.
Green curry, red curry, sticky rice.

Things to work on

  • Menu is too big, maybe why they’re struggling to deal with service.
  • Service was a testing experience. Bringing out plates at odd times, we sent a starter back because we’d not finished what we had in front of us and then we had to ask for it to be brought out, it was left on the side so it was brought back stone cold. Couldn’t be hassled to send it back.
  • Charging £5 for BYO alcohol, no licence yet but don’t charge people until you get one. Face palm.
  • The images of food on their website don’t mirror what is being served and unfortunately it was all rather disappointing.

One and done.


I don’t get the bit about sending a starter back. Surely they’re allowed to come out first?


It’s absolutely fair enough to charge corkage. £5 Is nothing unless you’re dining alone, and your bottles need to be disposed via paid-for refuse collection while glasses you use need to be cleaned using hot water - which they again pay for.


I’ll try it this week. £5 corkage is reasonable.


Wife has passively aggressively suggested I stop being a D, she also said £5 for corkage for BYO is fine. What do I know?
So, I am here to retract my grievance because I know nothing. :smiley:

I wish Matoom all the best.