Matoom - Thai Bistro



I think £5 corkage is fine and would be happy to pay it as you are still likely to be making a significant saving on alcohol.


I think it depends on the quality of the wine :wink:


Im looking forward to trying it. A lot of places bring out dishes now as and when they are ready, the idea is to taste different plates and mix and match. The Begging Bowl in Peckham does exactly that. My tip is to order your ‘starter’ dishes first while you are having a drink and looking at menu for larger plates, putting a later order chances are the smaller dishes will come out first.


I went in last week and can’t recommend highly enough. The food and presentation were great, they’ve done a good job with the limited space. It was a Tuesday night and it was full. Great addition to Forest Hill. After living in Sydney for a few years, we loved having BYO, although I guess this may go when they get a license.


I was in on Friday night and agree with everyone. Food was great, the sauces, in particular, were full of flavour. One dish I asked for less spicy and it wasn’t spicy enough in the end (my fault of course!!). It’s a great addition to Forest Hill and I really like BYO. I look forward to going back.


Been there
Ate there
Left happy


Sampled the lunch menu there today (£6.50 for one course, £7.95 for two). Good food, service and decor. Impressed!


3 weeks since opening. Friday night. About 20 covers here. Appeared fully booked, nice atmosphere and decor. Every dish packed with flavour. No issues with service or order of dishes. Just lovely food. Byo of £5 was per table which I think is generous. Very good vfm. Lovely people. A very happy visit and recommend highly.


Ok - so I saw it was about 14 quid for a Penang curry, not including rice? That seems almost double the price of Thai Orchard. Is it worth the trip? Genuinely wondering, not a loaded question.


Panang Curry - tops is £8 for Prawn


Yes @Foresthillnick is right about price of Penang curry. Matoom is very much modern cafe style and good for sharing plates. We ate very well here for £20 per head plus tips.


Oh that’s good. It’s different to the menu they first put up. Will give it a whirl.


i saw that too - i think there were a lot of pricing errors on one version of the online menu - in reality I was charged a much more reasonable amount.


Pad Thai noodles should have crushed peanuts as a dressing sadly missing, Papaya salad bit on the sparse side, overall not bad, hopefully once established quality and quantity will improve.


I popped in last night after the Horniman Xmas market (which was pretty good - esp the beer!).
I honestly thought it was some of the best Thai food I have had outside of Thailand. The fish cakes were good, not the rubbery things you seem to get served everywhere and the chicken wings were spicy and meaty - loved them.
We shared a duck salad, phad thai and massaman curry - all were excellent, decent sized portions and packed with flavour. Service was really friendly, timings were spot on and everyone in there seemed to be having a great time. Price was spot on as well - just over 40 quid for the two of us and that includes the fiver for corkage.
If I had to gripe then I would agree about the lack of peanuts on the phad thai and for me the dishes could have been more spicy but I think my tolerance might be quite high.
I also really liked the interior - nice modern uncluttered vibe.


I really like this place and I’m going to do my bit to support it. We had a great dinner there last week before a stint at Little Nan’s. It’s excellent food and unfussy pricing. It’s nice to have a fresh modern-feeling restaurant within walking distance.


After all the great reviews, ordered a takeaway from there. We had to pick up but from order on a Saturday night about 7.20 we picked up 40 mins later. Food was great. Will definitely be going back! So glad we have this in Forest Hill.


I went here last week and thought the prices were reasonable and the food was DELICIOUS. I would agree that the spicing could be upped a bit - I had a dish that was supposedly ‘very hot’ and would have classed it as only a bit spicy. Lovely service and quick, will definitely be going back for more x


We went on Sunday for the first time. We had their very well priced lunch deal - two dishes for £7.95. Our food was great and the service lovely. I would echo what others said about the need for more spicing though. I had the beef ginger stir fry and whilst it was very nice it could have done with some more fresh ginger.


Excellent use of a small shop (not great for buggies) that has never been much of anything. Food is good. Its nice to have a place like this in the area. Something nicer and fresher than the abundance of cheap take away joints.