Matoom - Thai Bistro



One thing that I miss in Thai restaurants is the condiments that you get in Thailand - Peanuts, Fried garlic, Pickled Peppers etc. They can all really add to a meal esp if you want more heat!


went there tonight,
lovely food freshly cooked nice decor and good pricing.
will return


OH and I popped in again last night.
We originally intended to go to the Southbank Wintertime and eat and drink but it was awful. Hardly anything there and the least festive event I have ever had the misfortune of attending.I had a cup of the most disgusting Mulled Wine possible which I couldn’t finish so we came back to FH. We should leave this stuff to the Europeans.

Anyway Matoom made up for it. The host recognised us from a few weeks ago which is always rather enchanting and proudly noted they had fixed the door (we were seated right next to it and it didn’t shut properly)!
When I asked for everything to be extra spicy she said she had noted the comments on here and had increased the heat level. Indeed they have. Spice was perfect for me - spot on.
Had Satay, Thai Sausage, Prawn Salad, Duck Curry and Mee Goreng and rice. All fantastic and still didn’t spend £40.


That’s interesting I went there for the second time on Thursday and thought the green curry had more heat than at my visit the first time, had red curry then and thought it’s down to different dish, glad they scaled up on the heat😃


I agree. We went back yesterday for the very good value lunch deal and my chicken with Ho Fun noodles lived up to its spicy tag - it was very tasty.


Went to Matoom the other night (based on the reviews seen here). Really delicious, we asked for it to be spicy and it was. Just the fresh flavours I needed after all the Xmas stodge!


I liked this place so much that I created a listing on tripadvisor

However they seemed to have grabbed my mobile number from my registration and no matter how many times I edit the page they don’t change the number!
Luckily only had a couple of calls but I work with someone called Masoom and I think they are asking for her!


We had takeaway last night from Matoom and it was brilliant. Chicken Satay, Ribs cooked in wine, the pork stir fry and lamb massaman curry all travelled really well.

I was slightly jealous of the people dining in when I went to collect, though. A lovely place to have on the high st.


Do they serve alcohol now or is it BYO for the forseeable future?


BYO - I’ll ask next time I am in if they have plans to change it!


Did you phone the order in or go and wait? If waiting for how long?


Phoned in the order just after 20:30. Picked up at 20:50.


Cool. Just seen there’s a website (though it’s probably been around for ages) which includes menu and online ordering for pick up. Useful for picking up a meal on the way home.


I don’t think the site works. Been up for ages but never functional when I try to use it. The place doesn’t even take cards (though it is tasty).


There’s a cash point across the road.


Excellent first meal here this evening. A fiery prawn salad, soothing Tom Kha, perfectly pitched duck curry and the most congealed (in a good way) stock rice I’ve had since Kho Panyang. Only the fishcakes that come in for mild criticism - for being, well, too mild.

Service was friendly and efficient, price was very reasonable. It was busy on a Monday and understandably. Great addition to the area and half the distance we used to trek to Thai corner cafe.


I asked about why they don’t take cards today. They said they were trying to find the most competitive deal and that the rates/charges they had been offered so far are expensive. If anyone can recommend who they should get in touch with post here and I’ll try and get the info to them.


Try worldpay


New Thai bistro 56 London road, lovely food and decor , does deliver , definetly recommend.


I love this place, great variety of food and not too pricey