Mayor's Awards - Nominations close soon

Hi all,

The Mayor’s Awards is a scheme set up by the Council to recognise people, projects and businesses who volunteer in their spare time in Lewisham. This year’s awards recognise those have gone above and beyond to help others during the pandemic.

You can find more information, and how to nominate, here -

The deadline for nominations is coming up soon - 6th December.



I spy a @clausy nomination here! If you could kindly leave your personal details here so we can all nominate you :stuck_out_tongue:

:blush: But I’ve only just got started! I would suggest we nominate Garry at the Foodbank.

And how about @ForestHull for volunteering his time, money and effort in taking over this site. Believe me, even the transition was a lot of work from what I could see and he does it all largely behind the scenes - it’s a great community resource and has been helping people get through the pandemic too.


They’re very good shouts. It would be good for people to get recognition for their work. Although the form requires quite personal details of those being nominated. :grimacing:

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Ha ha - thanks @Clausy but I think there are many people far far more deserving than myself, and @ChrisBeach got this whole site setup and off the ground with help from many others anyway.

It’s definitely a nice initiative from Lewisham though, and I do hope we have a few winners in Forest Hill.

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I second that. @ForestHull has taken on a massive long-term commitment, running this site and

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Yes, I’m looking at the form - I think Garry may have already won one before, so I am going to pick the young man who does the door duty there - will be nice for him to get recognised.

@ForestHull , on the rare occasion where I agree with Chris… go with the flow. Maybe he can do the honours then…

Form wants details and I think Chris has those

By supplying details for a nominee, you are implying consent on their behalf to be contacted by us

I’m not taking anything away from @ChrisBeach and the original team in setting this all up originally, kudos for that of course. The awards are for 2020 and you’ve stepped up, hence I think it makes sense.

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There have been a number of members past and present on here who have received this award for the work they’ve done in the community. I won’t embarrass any by name checking.

This year LBC and the Mayor are focusing on the those individuals and organisations that have had a positive impact on the community stemming from the Covid-19 crisis. I think the Foodbank is a prime candidate as are those who have run the Covid-19 mutual groups… often of WhatsApp ensuring the people at risk and in shielding still had access to food and medicines. The group for Sunderland Road was simply amazing.

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Definitely, that’s why I was putting forward @clausy for his cycle deliveries during Covid. (And along with the other food bank suggestions he’s made).

It would be good to find out who started the WhatsApp initiative that had the flyers posted (providing they are happy to be known).

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@Tom_Walker did a nice map for the WhatsApp groups, which was very helpful:
Lewisham Covid 19 mutual aid group