Medlar tree offered free to a good home

I have a small medlar tree in my back garden and it has never been very happy. It makes all this lovely white fluffy blossom each spring time but there are only ever a handful of fruits. I think it needs to be somewhere there are more blossoms where it can get properly pollinated. Perhaps on an allotment or a bigger back garden than my own. It is about 5 feet tall and i can deliver it if someone would like it. Do get in touch !

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Sorry, I thought it said Money tree and I was straight on it!

Thankfully, I found my glasses and saved myself turning-up at your house in the ol’ van with me fork, spade & shovel at the ready!

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Hello. The Brockley hill park community gardeners would like to find a spot for it, if it is still available? Thank you

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sorry to get you all excited there John !

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its yours ! - perhaps we can meet at the weekend ?

Great. I’ll send you a private message. Thanks

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Matthew, I have not been in touch due to a bit of a family crisis, but i now cannot seem to find your message so that I can get in touch with your pal. I don’t understand why it would have deleted itself. Could you get in touch again please and I will try and sort out this tree.

Is this because you seem to be using a different account and he pm’d the old account.

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Oh, i see, how strange. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

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Beige, I am confused now. I did have an old account but I can notsee how how to access it, I think the reason I opened a new account was because I could not access the old one. If this is my new account I cant even find a way to send a pm to either you or the other guy. Can you help me unravel this ? Sorry to be so inept

I’m only a form user, but it looks like you have 2 accounts the old one: Thewrongtrousers and the new one: The_wrongtrousers.

You sent this message from your new account which is probably not enabled for PM’ing yet.

Can you just log out of your new account by clicking your logo on the top-right, then your username (top left of the drop down) and then ‘Log Out’ at the bottom of the new drop down? Then log in to your old account?


all is clear now, thanks for that Beige,

welcome back!

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I love that you put on the wrong trousers twice :wink:
Reminds me of Samuel Franklin Cody, who named his airship the Nulli Secundus. Then when she was done in by strong winds at Crystal Palace, he named his next airship Nulli Secundus II.


love it


Sorry I’ve been away on holiday. Did you manage to find the details? If not I can dig them out again.

HI Mattew, I texted Jo, but did not hear from her. I will try her again,

Strange. I’ll see if I can get hold of her.

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