Meeting to discuss disability access and facilities

At one of the earlier meetups of this forum Pauline and I had a discussion regarding disability access and facilities in the area,during the course of which she said she knew someone who is knowledgeable about such matters and went round visiting various establishments.

In response to a post on another forum, it is the intention to set up a group to try to encourage businesses , shops, restaurants etc to become more disabled friendly, so I should very much like to contact this contact of Pauline’s. So, Pauline, if you are reading this, please get in touch or, if anyone is in contact with Pauline, could you please pass on this request?

We are having our first meeting on Friday of next week at 1pm at the Goldsmiths Arms in Penge. Anyone interested is very welcome to attend.



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@topofthehill - you okay for me to copy and paste your message onto other forums int eh hope other local traders will want to be involved at the meet?

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Yes, that would be good, thank you. Suggest you remove request for Pauline, though, as she may not want her name spread around other forums.

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