Microphones/Speakers Shop


Hello all!
Settling into Forest Hill and loving it :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if anybody knows a good shop that sells handheld radio mics (preferably Shure or Seinheisser) even if not in Forest Hill, but somewhere nearby? I just need to go to a shop for some advice! Xx

Recommended shops and services in SE23

Glad you’re enjoying Forest Hill!

Have you tried Maplin on Stanstead Road? They do sell audio gear, although some of it is online-only. They’ve got an online stock checker.


Oooh great! I didn’t realise there was one so close!! Thanks chris!!


There is a new DJ and studio equipment place that would probably have what you’re looking for. Conveniently, it’s a few doors down from Maplin…


Maplin is my (not so guilty) guilty pleasure… it’s a mere 3 minute walk from my house… I frequently wander in just to peruse the aisles of stuff I don’t need… and conveniently next door to the garden centre. Also full of stuff I don’t need…


I’m so glad I am not the only person that does this. Have been doing it ever since my Dad and I used to work on little electronics projects when I was a kid.


I was in there on Tuesday, I am sure they think I am shop lifting. I just shuffle down the isles with a slightly happy look on my face. I did actually buy something though, a lovely pen style fiber glass contact cleaner.


We need to set up a support group!! Which can meet in the Railway Telegraph…handily situated directly opposite Maplins.


I can assure you all that for Paul the proximity of a the garden centre is only an excuse.


Lol! It’s a good one though.


Hmmmm… it’s VERY quiet in the office today… maybe I’ll leave early and head home for some Maplin browsing…


Give me a yell, we can browse then beer and gossip about Starman!


Oh dear…what have I started?!!


Currently trying to decide if 13.30 departure is taking the proverbial…


It’s 2:30 in Europe. Seems fair to me.


Sounds like a new format for SE23.life meetups.


I am always delighted to be reminded that that Maplin is there, in a location which is quite odd on the face of it. Though I guess they get a fair amount of trade from the south circular.


I guess it’s handy being near Topps Tiles, Shannons etc.