Microphones/Speakers Shop

Hello all!
Settling into Forest Hill and loving it :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if anybody knows a good shop that sells handheld radio mics (preferably Shure or Seinheisser) even if not in Forest Hill, but somewhere nearby? I just need to go to a shop for some advice! Xx


Glad you’re enjoying Forest Hill!

Have you tried Maplin on Stanstead Road? They do sell audio gear, although some of it is online-only. They’ve got an online stock checker.


Oooh great! I didn’t realise there was one so close!! Thanks chris!!

There is a new DJ and studio equipment place that would probably have what you’re looking for. Conveniently, it’s a few doors down from Maplin…


Maplin is my (not so guilty) guilty pleasure… it’s a mere 3 minute walk from my house… I frequently wander in just to peruse the aisles of stuff I don’t need… and conveniently next door to the garden centre. Also full of stuff I don’t need…

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I’m so glad I am not the only person that does this. Have been doing it ever since my Dad and I used to work on little electronics projects when I was a kid.

I was in there on Tuesday, I am sure they think I am shop lifting. I just shuffle down the isles with a slightly happy look on my face. I did actually buy something though, a lovely pen style fiber glass contact cleaner.

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We need to set up a support group!! Which can meet in the Railway Telegraph…handily situated directly opposite Maplins.

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I can assure you all that for Paul the proximity of a the garden centre is only an excuse.


Lol! It’s a good one though.

Hmmmm… it’s VERY quiet in the office today… maybe I’ll leave early and head home for some Maplin browsing…

Give me a yell, we can browse then beer and gossip about Starman!

Oh dear…what have I started?!!


Currently trying to decide if 13.30 departure is taking the proverbial…

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It’s 2:30 in Europe. Seems fair to me.

Sounds like a new format for SE23.life meetups.

I am always delighted to be reminded that that Maplin is there, in a location which is quite odd on the face of it. Though I guess they get a fair amount of trade from the south circular.

I guess it’s handy being near Topps Tiles, Shannons etc.