Midwife Led Antenatal Classes in Forest Hill

Are you interested in antenatal classes? Want to feel fully informed, confident and prepared for labour and caring for your newborn baby? Do you want to get to know a group of other parents to be who are at the exact stage of pregnancy as you in Forest Hill and the local area?
Come and join The Group!

Emily and Vicky run the group for FIRST TIME PARENTS. They are experienced, practicing midwives offering antenatal classes in The Signal pub, Forest Hill. Their classes cover everything you need to know about labour and life with a newborn baby. The Group think it is really important for new parents to build a local support network with other new parents so we make lots of time for the group to bond over the 6 weeks of classes and social events.

If you baby is due August to September the June Group would be perfect for you to sign on to.
To book onto the course email - info@thegroupantenatal.co.uk.

Visit our web sight http://www.thegroupantenatal.co.uk more information on what we offer, or if you would like to enquire about second time parent Refresher Courses.

"The course has been transformational in terms of our readiness for birth and the immediate aftermath! Vicky and Emily are a fountain of knowledge… Joining the class has been the best thing we’ve done to prepare for our baby’s arrival.”

"I really appreciated the balance you struck between having a clear structure for the classes, but also keeping them informal enough that we could ask questions at any point, and it really felt like no question was off limits. You made us feel comfortable enough to ask questions about anything we were unsure or curious about.

Also, the birth ‘top tips’ hand out was a life saver! For extra reassurance, we printed out your hand-out and packed it in the hospital bag so that we could refer to it if we weren’t sure about something.

We are really grateful for how generous you have been (and you continue to be) with your time and knowledge, knowing that if something comes up, we can email you with questions. It’s so reassuring. Thank you!

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