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Is anybody experiencing problems with Milk & More not delivering items but still charging? My last few orders have all been charged for yet nothing has been delivered, I left it a few months before using them again but as we needed milk I placed an order for this morning adding some extra items as well. Yet again nothing arrived and the live chat does not work, there is no email address and after being on hold on the phone line for an hour I gave up. The site shows a new milkman who may be delivering to the wrong place or as I live in flats it could get stolen though I’m sure that’s not the case. Just wondering if anybody else is experiencing the same issues.

I’ve had great service from them, also very helpful on the phone the one time they have missed a delivery or it got stolen, they refunded straight away. The ap is also pretty good to use and change deliveries when i need to.

I did bump into the milkman one Friday morning at 1am and he told me that he does his rounds between midnight and 4am around here. I’m surprised that ive never had milk stolen (well, maybe once) as its left in full view here.

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I only just started using them this week
as am being extra careful about going out before Christmas, but so far all the deliveries have arrived, just not all the items. I have been refunded for what they couldn’t deliver though.

I have finally got though to live chat and they are adamant the items were delivered, they are giving a refund. It just seems odd that since a new milkman took over the route things have gone wrong. I suggested the milkman takes a photo in future so we know if he is delivering to the correct place. The chat operator did suggest as I live in flats to go searching in case it was left outside somebody’s flat but as I am more or less housebound after sustaining 7 fractures within a year I’m unable to go searching for my milk.

And presumably the reason you have them is exactly so you dont have to go out looking for milk!


Yes as my mobility is extremely limited and I am terrified of falling, plus it’s hard to carry anything with crutches.

Doesn’t solve the milk & more problem but if you still need milk or whatever from the shop I could pick it up for you.


Thank you, I had a Sainsburys delivery on Saturday so got milk then, it was just Friday I did not have any.

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This topic was initiated 6 months ago but in the mean time there have been problems with Milk and More delivery in my neighbourhood (HOP). Around Easter there were missed and incorrect deliveries and now again there are late and incorrect deliveries and empties not collected. Is anyone else noticing this with M&M?

We had really bad service from milk and more and finally gave up after week after week of missed and incorrect deliveries and unable to reach any customer service rep via phone to get a refund.

Milk and More has definitely been more unreliable in the last few months than they were in the first year that we used their service. Is there a local alternative? Quite frequently the milk turns up in the early afternoon, and on occasion they have failed to deliver altogether.

Surprised to hear that - their service has been absolutely bulletproof since we signed up last year and our milk always arrives sometime shortly after midnight. I wonder whether a different milkman looks after Perry Vale. I don’t think we’ve had a single missed delivery.

Very interesting - I wonder if it is a different milkman? Ours is Ash, and he delivers Mon, Wed and Fri.

Ah. We have someone else who delivers Tue, Thu and Sat.

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We totally gave up on them in the end, on the final occasion I used them I stayed awake all night and every time I heard the lift I checked outside but nothing was delivered even though the customer service department via chat were insistent my order was delivered. Our previous milkman used to deliver around 4-4.30am as I would see him when I came home from work but since he left the service has been dreadful.

I don’t know if they’re any good at delivering milk (it seems not) - what they are good at is two of their drivers parking up on the corner of Bovill & Whatman at 3 in the morning and having a good old natter at full volume for half an hour. Happened twice now - rather inconsiderate and perhaps explains why they’re not getting around to too many deliveries!

Our deliveries have become a bit less reliable lately too. (Also Mon - Wed - Fri.) It’s just recently - maybe once a week for the last 3 / 4 weeks delivery has not been until the afternoon. It’s only not arrived at all once, when they said they had a fire at their depot, which is fair enough!

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Hmmmm - no delivery today but showing as delivered. Slightly worrying that they have suspended contact via email. Anyone else have issues today?

Same here, no delivery, no notification. And an email to say that they’ll deliver when they deliver on Monday due to match on Sunday.

No delivery, no communication, no automatic refund. It’s becoming a bit of a joke. Try to escalate your complaint to the depot when you do call. Here’s the response I got earlier this week:

“ We received an email from your local delivery hub with regards to your recent late deliveries. The reason for this is because a lot of the milkmen/women were sick and we had to get relief drivers to assist with deliveries.

I am sorry for all the inconvenience caused. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get back in touch.”

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