Milkman in HOP - efforts to reduce our use of plastic

I am trying to think of ways to reduce our household’s reliance on single use plastic, and milk containers from supermarkets are my latest target. I believe a milkman delivers locally in Honor Oak Park as I have heard the milk float from time to time, but have not had much joy with Google so could anyone let me know where I can find more information about this service please?

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Just spoke to a contact I had in my phone for a milkman, and he no longer serves Forest Hill. But he says that he thinks Dave from the Wimbledon Dairy Crest (possibly Muller now) depot covers the area!


Thanks for this Jon, much appreciated! deliver locally in glass milk bottles.


Thanks Alison - looking forward to my first delivery tomorrow!

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Yeah we get milk and more on London Road. It’s really helpful not only to be chucking less plastic away, but also never running out of milk!

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Thanks for this - just signed up, and it was a treat having glass bottles on the doorstep this morning!

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Anyone else having delivery problems recently? Its been great for months but our last two deliveries have arrived after 10am which is extremely frustrating, particularly when you have to prepare breakfast for the family and then find yourself dashing to the shop unexpectedly for milk resulting in a disappointed & hungry child, some flapping about and then being late for work…

Not a great start to the week!

I have sent Milk & More a message…

Hi Jerry, yes we have been having problems the last two weeks. It used to arrive like clockwork around 6:30 but now is all over the place and today came at 10:30! Also additional items have not been delivered but we have still been charged.

I called Milk&More just now and they will send a message to our depot. Hopefully this is just temporary!

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Thanks for letting me know TimO.