Mini indoor fire - BioFire for sale

Hello, we have an indoor fire - from BioFire for sale. Let me know if you’d like it.

Comes with 4 unopened bottles of BioEthanol fuel, the metal fire tray and the lighter rod. But NO coal or log accessories. So it would probably need to sit in an existing grate to look its best.

Selling for £30 (bought for £250).

Makes a lovely safe indoor fire!

Pick up from Church Vale.

Pic of it in action here-

Hi, I’d be interested in this if it’s still available?

Hello, yes absolutely!
Do you want to collect it? I’ll send our address if so.


Sorry couldn’t remember my sign in details!

Admin - is it possible to enable PMs?

Holly would be great to collect it if you could send me your address thanks!

Ok - I’ve created a private message for your both :slight_smile:


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