Miriam Lodge - Is it dangerous?

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I’m looking to buy a house in Forest Hill and found a property near Miriam Lodge. I’ve been reading there were plans to expand this hostel? Or was it just for regular houses? Is this going ahead? (The last thread is from 2017). Where can I get more information, please?

Also, if there are any neighbours living next to Miriam Lodge, is it dangerous? I’ve read people calling it a “bail hostel” but is it really or are people being dramatic? And if it’s a bail hostel, is there a way to know what kind of crimes have been committed by the people living there?

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I live nearby in Whittell Gardens. Most of the people seem to be in a pretty bad way. Tho most are harmless. There seems to be more dodgy types than I remember a couple of years ago. All seems to fall upon deaf ears from the councils end.
What is the plans you are referencing. ?
It also suffers from being on the border between two police areas Sydenham / Forest hill.
Overall it seems to be a fairly safe area with occasional oddball characters. I’d be glad to see the back of the lodge but I know that’s very NIMBY


We lived very nearby for a couple of years and as @weepy says there are lots of ‘characters’ around but most are totally harmless. Having moved to Honor Oak, there are similar ‘characters’ around but I think it’s just a sign of the strain on all of the related health/support services in the current climate tbh. It wouldn’t put me off buying around there. DM me if you want more intel

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Hi @weepy ! I was refering to this: Miriam Lodge Development / Dartmouth Mews

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This wasn’t an expansion of Miriam lodge. Just some private apartments I think. Also I don’t think they reached formal planning

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Thank yoyu very much, Chris!

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My friend lived with their garden backing onto it for many years and never encountered any problems.
I wouldn’t call it dangerous

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