Mirror, Glass and Perspex Cutting

Looking for a local firm to supply small mirror and perspex sheet cut to specification. Found loads online but delivery costs are outrageous

Wouldn’t any local glazier do this? We’ve used Walsh Glazing (East Dulwich / Herne Hill direction) in the past but there’s probably ones closer.

Well as long as a they can cut a small piece of mirror. Bevelled it and pit in holes for fixing then yes.

According to their website, yes they can: http://www.walshglazing.co.uk/further-services

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I’ve used A to B Glass & Glazing on Anerley Road for various custom pieces over the years - ranging from full wall mirrors for bathrooms down to small fiddly glass shelving for inset cavity wall spaces. Always been happy with the service and the quality with the work, and their prices have generally been comparable with on-line services once delivery was taken into account.


For any kind of custom job, I always find its best to cut a cardboard template to take along, that way you should get a perfect fit - and it means you can double check the size before you take the glass away.


Good advice. Thanks.

Try these guys they’re just up the Road from my shop but don’t have a shopfront.

They fitted glass in my shop door & were REALLY reasonable :slight_smile: