Missing black and white cat

Hi All,

Please could you keep an eye out for our cat Blake. He has been missing since Friday night and normally doesn’t stay out this long. We are at the Forest Hill end of Stanstead Road. If you are a neighbour please could you check your gardens, sheds and garages.

He is a black and white cat with yellow eyes and a white spot on his black back. He has a green collar with his name and my number on it.

Please reply to this post if you have seen him.


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Welcome to the forum @simon2. Blake is a lovely looking cat - I’ve shared on our social channels so hope you find him soon:

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:twitter: @SE23Cats (342 followers)

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Thank you :+1:

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Saw one like this on Southbound platform of Catford Bridge Station a few times this week. Not sure if the same one, but was very friendly and felt a bit odd it was there.

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Hi Natalie, thanks for the info. It does seem quite a distance for him to travel but if you see that cat again please try to take a photo if you can. Thanks.

My partner thinks he saw this cat on Stanstead Road- opposite Kings Wines. 10 minutes ago. He was hiding under a car, then walked off

Thanks for letting me know Harriet. :pray: I’ve had a quick look but no joy. There is another black and white cat that covers a lot of the same territory around Stanstead Road so it may have been him.
Thanks again, Simon.

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Hi Natalie, just thought I would check if this the cat you have seen at Catford Bridge Station? Unfortunately this cat isn’t Blake.


I had just posted the same on Nextdoor earlier. Let’s hope Blake returns soon & that cat has a home too.

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Yes it’s that one. Sorry it’s not yours. I’d come to the same conclusion.

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