Missing black cat

Ralph is an all black (apart from a small amount of white on his chest and underside) one year old cat and has been missing from Fermor road since the 11th of Feb. He usually hangs round in gardens between fermor and hursborne road, although there have been possible sightings of him near dalmain school so please still look out no matter how far away you are as he has probably wondered and is lost. He is usually friendly but is probably very scared so will be couscous. He has a distinctive tail that bows down towards his back, rather than being held up straight, when he walks, has a saggy tummy and all black whiskers (unlike in photos). He has no collar but is microchip Please check all sheds and out buildings where he could have got trapped and keep a general eye out, he is missed very much. Any information please contact- 07904 524978

![IMG_0667-2|375x500](upload://k6 rHECQ8PPilzvR50UHTuoHK5OG.jpeg)

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@Ellencross sorry to hear about Ralph

I’ve shared on our social channels:


thank you very much

Hi not sure if this will be helpful but we live at the top of Lowther Hill, I happened to work from home today and saw a cat answering his description walking across our garden. We’re not that far from Dalmain in terms of territory but have a few local lairy tom cats who usually chase off interlopers so noted a biggish black muscular cat as an interloper for normal territory. We’ll keep an eye out for him. What would be best to do if we spot him?


thank you such! Just met me know as soon as possible and if you are able to catch him do so but of course if that is not possible don’t worry

If you could text the infomatiok the number given that would be helpful

thank you everyone for your help, sadly we have found Ralph this lunch time he had been run down but now have him back.

So sorry to hear that @Ellencross

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My heart breaks when I hear this. I’m so sorry Ellen.

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