Missing Black Cat

Our cats gone missing :cry::cry::cry:

His name is Bobby, he is all black and has a little scuff mark on one side of his nose and another on his nose as you can just see on this photos. If anyone sees him, please try and take him inside and I’ll come and get him.

Desperate plea to the group to have a look around their gardens, especially sheds and garages. He may be spooked and therefore afriad to come out at first.

So worried about him.

We’ve called all the local vets, the council and everyone we can think of but so far no one has taken him in and the micro chip company haven’t been contacted either.

Please also share to any other local groups. We live on colfe road.

Thank you :broken_heart::broken_heart:

Sorry to hear about Bobby.

I’ve shared on our social channels:

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Thank you so much

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There are lots of cats in the area, but there was a black one yesterday on Rockbourne Road and I saw one today on St Germans Road too.

How big is Bobby and is he short or medium hair? Will keep an eye out for you!

Thank you. He is short hair and small to medium and quite slender… If you see a black cat take a few snaps and send on. I’d know him straight Away. thank you :heart:

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On ebsworth, distinctive meow, had a collar?

That does look like him but bobby doesn’t have a collar :crying_cat_face: