Missing Cat - Como Road [Found]



Our cat Phoebe has been missing since the early hours of this morning. She usually hangs out around the gardens between Como Road and Siddons Road towards the Woolstone Road.

She is tabby/white and very fluffy, spayed and 18 months old. She is not wearing a collar, she has a microchip. Please call me on 07583594297 if you see her and please check your gardens, sheds, garages. Many thanks!


Sorry to hear about Phoebe.

I’ve shared on our social channels:


Thank you so much, we really appreciate it


I’m pretty certain I saw her wandering around the Woolstone end of Como Road at about 11am today. She ran off up Como Road and was playing with a black and white kitten outside number 78 Como near the alleyway - I was going to photo her but she ran off up Como.

I hope you find her. I will keep eyes peeled.


Has she been found?


Thank you for checking, she is still missing. Please keep an eye out and check any sheds, garages etc


Thank you for letting us know, we have searched all around that area with no joy. Please keep checking for her. Thank you!


What a horrible day for her to go missing, sorry to hear this. Our neighbour lost their cat recently and put posters through all the local doors asking people to make sure she wasn’t stuck anywhere. It worked and she was back within the hour apparently - hope you get a similar happy ending. Also Cats of Brockley seems to have a pretty engaged network on FB. Finally might be worth giving Celia Hammond Cats Home a shout in case she turns up there. Best of luck,xx


Phoebe is safe at home this morning, she came in the early hours…very cold and hungry. Thank you for for your messages and support!


Brilliant! :heart_eyes_cat: