Missing cat - Fieldings/Manor Mount [Found]

Hi all,

Our young cat Hamilton has gone missing and we are worried. He is young, quite shy, jet black in colour (photos below).

We live on the Fieldings and we think he is likely to be in a garden or property nearby e.g. Manor Mount / towards Horniman end of Honor Oak road.

If you spot him please let us know here or on l_h_hurley@hotmail.com.

I’m sorry to hear this - I’ve shared the post :twitter: @SE23_Cats :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you! That is extremely kind.

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Link here too with more info:


Just to say he has returned after 3 days! Thank you so much for sharing etc. Really appreciated! Liam


I just walked past a small jet-black cat on Sunderland Rd with the same eyes. I thought it might have been yours. Glad to hear it’s back.

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Thanks for posting anyway. Yes he is now safe and sound.