Missing cat in HOP [Found]

Our little cat Oprah went out after breakfast yesterday (Saturday 22nd) and hasn’t come home. She’s never missed a meal in her life, let alone two (dinner last night and breakfast this morning). She’s a little spotty tabby cat and has a red collar. We live on Garthorne Road in Honor Oak. If anyone lives nearby and can check their houses and sheds, and listen out for a sad miaow, I’d be so grateful. She has visited our neighbours’ houses in the past so I’m hoping she was just nosey yesterday and got locked in somewhere.

She’s microchipped and neutered. Please let me know if you see or hear anything. Thanks so much.

What a beautiful & unusual looking car. I hope she comes home soon. I’m sure she will :blush:

Sorry that should have been cat, typing error.

I’m pretty sure I saw her yesterday afternoon at around 2-3pm walking south through the front yards on Bovill Road. Sorry it wasn’t a more recent sighting

Hi all. I’m pleased to report that Gabrielle was right: dreams CAN come true. We’ve been round the block 30 times it seemed, but the last post from @HOPcrossbun inspired us to search again at around 11pm tonight and within a few seconds she was miaowing and weaving in and out of our feet, less than 50m from our front door. Not sure why she couldn’t find her way back via the gardens as usual but maybe she’s a bit dim. She was/is absolutely filthy, like really, really filthy - maybe she’s been hiding under cars. I’ve wiped her off with a cloth but still, she needs a very good wash. She was also ravenous and has eaten three dinners. So. All’s well that ends well. Hopefully she won’t be QUITE so curious next time! :grimacing: Thanks to you all for your moral support - we truly felt it!


Ohhh I’m so glad! It’s so wonderful to hear the reunion stories. And excellent sleuthing @HOPcrossbun!


Also - Oprah is a FANTASTIC name for a cat! :raised_hands:t3:

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