MISSING CAT - small, black/ginger-flecked, orange collar



Our cat Sassy has been missing since Friday 11th May and we are offering A CASH REWARD for anyone who can bring her back to us. She has slightly fluffy black fur with ginger flecks throughout, a squashed Persian-ish face and amber eyes. She was wearing an orange collar with a reflective silver strip on it and a medallion with her name and our phone number on.

Please contact us with any information as soon as you can, we’re very worried about her. Number: 07981994866.

Thank you so much!!

Jen and Oli


Hi Jen and Oli, sorry to hear Sassy is missing. Whereabouts did she go missing from?


Hi Chris,

Around Tyson Road. If you happen to see her, please let us know.




Hi, sorry to hear you’ve lost your cat. Just a suggestion to help people identify her if you’re posting online: her colouring is officially known as tortoiseshell, so it might help to put that in descriptions too.