Missing cat! Sort of


Hello! My name is Alicia. I was wondering if anyone had spotted my cat, Sabbath, around at all? We live on Lessing Street in Honor Oak. He’s been coming home less and less since the start of the year but turned up last night wearing a collar. I’m sure someone thinks they’re doing a nice thing by feeding and adopting him but he has a home and a family and we love and miss him very much and just want him back! There’s also a photo of the collar below, in case anyone recognises it (especially as lots of black cats look very similar!). He’s also microchipped, so I am concerned that no one has even checked this and has just tried to take him instead.

Any help is very much appreciated, thank you.


Hi Alicia

Sorry to hear this. People do seem to think that cats without collars are homeless and destitute but it’s often the case, such as with my beastie, that they just won’t wear them at all. Have you tried a paper collar? Just a simple loop of paper secured with tape saying that he’s your baby and he doesn’t need another home can help stop people taking them in. Cats are such fickle creatures and often have several homes…often ones with the best food! I hope he comes home to you and stays



Good idea! I will give that a try, although I’m not sure how long it will last on him…


Failing that you can always do a leaflet drop in the local area or pop a notice up in some shops. Keep us updated anyway