Missing Cat Sunderland Road

Her name is Penny. She’s a 2 year old ginger & white tabby with amber eye, a ginger patch on her back right leg and cream/ginger rings around her tail.

She is microchipped and spayed and she’s been missing for over a day. She doesn’t usually go out for longer than a few hours so we are particularly worried.

Please check garden sheds, garages and even up trees. My contact number is 07415874192.

Sorry to hear about Penny.

I’ve shared on our social channels:


Thank you Chris! Keeping our fingers crossed!


the cat in this tweet look a bit like Penny



Hi Joel. Unfortunately we found out what happened to our poor Penny. She was found by the RSPCA on Thursday 6/2 having repeated seizures and sadly had to be put to sleep. I wish it was a better turn out as we were so hopeful. Thank you for looking out for her. I’ve been so grateful for the SE23 community I don’t know what I would’ve done without them. Thank you again.

That’s really sad to hear. Im so sorry for your lost Katie.


So sorry Katie. I hope you can find some comfort in the fact that, looking at the photo, she was obviously in the hands of someone who really cared for her at the end.


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